Where to stay – Seoul, Korea

It was a looooooong trip because I tried my best to keep the expense as low as possible. So I spent 6 hours on the van to Phuket International Airport, waited 5 hours for the flight to KL, and how lucky I was to get the seat in the last row, meaning I couldn’t adjust the seat position T.T Anyway, the flight was merely 1 hour, so I managed to survive the backache.

Of course as AirAsia was a low cost airline I had to spend another 4 hours in the airport =__=;; Thanks to the tiredness, I slept through the flight until it landed safely at the Incheon International Airport.


ICN was very tourist-friendly; there were volunteers around the area to help tourists with their traveling. I took airport shuttle bus to the Plaza Hotel near the City Hall area. There were only 2 people on the bus; still, it ran normally. Oh how I love Korean transportation system >__<



The hostel I stayed was called ‘The Suitcasers’ which lied deep in a small alley with a lot of restaurants. I also saw a lot of men wearing those gangster suits (well K-Drama kinda gave me the idea) which reduced its score for the otherwise a perfect hostel LOL The staff were EXTREMELY friendly; they helped me a lot even before my arrival, and after I departed, they still helped me book the intercity bus without any surcharge – Dae.to.the.Bak! The staff could speak near native English, Mandarin and Japanese…..honestly their service quality put those which claimed to be 5 stars in shame.

I’ve already booked The Suitcasers for my trip in September mainly because of its service and location; the City Hall is the interchange station which made it easier to travel. However, don’t get the wrong idea that the hostel is in Myeongdong like it claimed to be – take a taxi, 3500 won means less expense on muscle pain relief cream LOL

The room, despite the unbelievably small size, was clean and had everything I could possibly need – bathrobe, towel, fridge, TV, slippers, shampoo, soap, skin lotion, good wifi and even PC with LAN connection. When I was there the temperature was below -10c ; thus, I was grateful that they did a great job in keeping the room warm…well a bit too good that I ended up sleeping with the window ajar.



Last but not least, I don’t get any dough from the Suitcasers for this review LOL

Next up…Day1 in Seoul

BTW mind telling me what is this wooden stick used for? I saw this in every hotel I stayed…