Discover Malaysia รุ่นที่ 4 : On the way to Penang


We set out for Penang early in the morning as usual. Once we settle on our seat, the fun begins right away! We mark the begin of our journey with ice-breaking activity; our rangers get to know each other, and trust me, the limit area of the bus can never limit our friendship. Check out the pics below…the smiles flood the whole coach!

First stop at the beautiful mosque in the city center of Alor Setar. All rangers enjoy posing with the beautiful architecture.


Guess what keep our rangers hyped up all day? Of course, the Adventure Zone and its dare-devil near-vertical slide!!! But first of all, they need to practice purchasing the entrance ticket for themselves ^^ Great job!

Now it’s time to challenge the gravity!!! Mind you the slides are as tall as 2-3 story building….!!! And nope as expected 2 hours is not enough for them. Besides all the fun, our rangers learn to listen to English instructions given by the staff…of course all of them are safe without any scratch.

What’s so great about being a traveler? It’s a great chance to interact with people from the other side of the globe! Our friendly rangers got to talk to this family for Algeria. Frankly speaking, the chance of meeting people from Algeria in Phatthalung is very slim. And of course they got to practice their English. Absolutely thumb up girls!

Discover Malaysia Gen. 4 with PLCS

Discover Malaysia Gen. 4 with PLCS

Day 2, a mission is given to the rangers : Mural Hunt!!!!! They have to follow the directions written in English in order to discover and take a prove shot with the renown street art of Penang! Who said learning is boring?


Mural Hint


Continue to our next destination -St. George’s Church, which is the oldest church in Penang. Here we’ve met a kind lady to told us the history of this beautiful church, and our rangers got to practice their listening skill; they even help each other translating the part that might be difficult for the little ones. Then we walk to the Penang State Museum, which is just next door. Our rangers buy themselves the ticket and explore the history of Penang as well as look for the information to finish their task in the workbook. Learning is questioning and finding the answer ^^

Take a walk along the coast, checking out the fortress and rest at the playground in front of the City Hall. Some kids decide to grab a cone of ice-cream. Now it’s easy for them to order food ^^ Our next stop is the Chocolate Gallery. Our Malaysian guide shows us the process of how chocolate is made. Quite impressive ^^

After finishing buying chocolate, we head to Ipoh where the rangers once again enjoy the playzone and Malaysian delicious dish.

Thanks to the little rain, Kinta river looked even more spectacular than usual. The tree lights along the river creates such a picturesque scene ^^

The last morning, we greet the morning sun at the city square. The cool breeze freshens up everyone and now we are ready for the first mission of the day, Mural Hunt Part 2!

The kids follow the map and found these amazing murals!!! ^^

hunt ipoh

It’s time to say goodbye to Malaysia till next time.



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