I took the CELTA Course with ECC Teacher Training Centre (Phuket) last year and got Pass B. As a non-native speaker, the result actually surpassed my expectation.


On the first week of the course, I was totally ‘het up’; I had forgotten how to be a student! Luckily our class was pretty small with 8 students (from USA, England, New Zealand, Canada, France, China and Thailand) making it easier to fit in.

As far as I know, each CELTA Centre has different training approach but leads to the same outcome which should meet the criteria given by Cambridge.

In Phuket, the class runs from 11 am – 8 pm (I love this schedule!). The evening is set for Teaching Practice Class (TP) and it was this TP that kept me awake until 3 am every other night =___=;;; The trainers would assign the teaching content for each trainee, and my suggestion is stick to the content, BUT be creative with your teaching method. In the afternoon, everyday there is a TP consulting session where the trainers would provide the guideline of how to teach. Keep in mind though, that everyone has their own teaching style, so if you plan to follow every suggestion given by the trainers, you’re going to teach like a robot and lose all your confidence. Thus listen to their suggestion then adapt it to fit with your own style. I was very nervous on my first TP because I did everything strictly according to what the trainers said, and I was not satisfied with the class atmosphere; therefore, on the second TP I just thought, ‘Screw this, I’m gonna teach in my style!’ Guess what? The result was much MUCH better.

Oh…and be flexible with your contents though; if the trainers tell you to adjust something or your style won’t work, it’s much better that you do it even if it’s just one hour before the TP starts. Keep your mind open for constructive criticisms.

Now few people have asked me some questions regarding CELTA and here are my opinions:

1. Where should I take the course?

It depends on your career plan. In my case, I’m running my school in Thailand and 100% of my students are Thai, so it makes more sense to do the course in Thailand and gain the experience of teaching Thai students.

2. What do I need to prepare?

– Like the handout says, forget everything – be it your boyfriend or your puppy – and devote all of your time and concentration on the course.
– Do the pre-task assignment given by the centre. It gives you some ideas what you are going face during the course.
– Prepare and practice everything prior to the TP. Trust me it’s these TPs that determine your CELTA result.
– Be confidence and talk to the trainers whenever you lose confidence. They are trainers for a reason.

3. I don’t have perfect English!

– Neither do I. IELTS measures your proficiency. On the contrary, CELTA measures your teaching ability. However, to be honest, for a non-native speaker, expecting a Pass A might be too much. Thus I think if you only expect a Pass or Pass B, it’s not beyond your reach.

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. However, I can only give you my opinions which can’t be guaranteed that they’re always right 


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